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Family members get to choose which tasks they do each day. Parents decide what tasks show up, and how often they are available to be claimed. Minimum age for each task makes sure that family members only see the tasks they are old enough to handle.

After a task is completed, it will disappear for the number of interval days set by the parent, and then reappear automatically on the active list of tasks.


The Chore Wizard keeps track of everyone's points. Once a family member reaches their weekly quota, they start to earn extra points. At the end of the week, the member with the most extra points wins. Parents can set the amount that is credited to each user's account, and can manage each family member's account credit from inside their Chore Wizard admin screen. No actual money is stored within the Chore Wizard, and parents choose how family members can use their credits.


Each family member has their own account which is tied to the main family account. They can log in, claim a task, and mark it finished -- all on their own. The Chore Wizard organizes tasks, keeps track of points, and makes sure that all of the organizing happens automatically.

All this means that parents get to focus on other, more important things than remembering how long it's been since someone cleaned the toilet.

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